Tim Yap

Although some people have varying opinion about Tim Yap, one cannot argue the fact that he is just one of a kind with his colourful get-up and unique hairstyles. He spends his time as a columnist in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a model and endorser, a TV personality and eventologist.

He is quite famous with the young generations because of his column in the daily inquirer called “Super”. He also co-owned the Embassy club which lately has been into a series of controversies. Even his job in the Philippine Inquirer has for a time been suspended because some of his articles are about the events he promoted. Besides, it seems that he was taking side on the controversy of Borgy Manotoc in his embassy club.

Although many people are saying negative feedbacks against Tim Yap, saying that he is dictating fashion in the Philippines, yet still he has a very individualistic fashion sense. Like Tessa Prieto-Valdez who is not afraid to show her creative ingenuity and unique style, Tim also is fearless when it comes to fashion.

People should not take it against him if sometimes he is frank about the lack of fashion sense of most Filipinos. His style might be outrageous to some people but time will come when people can express themselves the way Tim is doing right now.

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